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Joy sea beach

basic information
Weifang Joy Sea Beach Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd., and was established in Oct. 2013 with registered capital of RMB 0.3 billion.
Joy sea beach scenic spot belongs to a provincial resort area and a national 3A level tourist attraction. The scenic spot is provided with luxurious cruising yacht, seagoing yacht, water bicycle, assault boat and other aquatic amusement equipment and equipped with service facilities such as beach chair and sunshade. VIP service area which can contain 100 people at the same time is set in the southeast of the watchtower with leisure thatched pavilion, etc. Visitors can feel seashore holiday time like Hainan amorous feelings.
Malaysia Pavilion in the south of the beach is rebuilt pursuant to Shanghai World Expo Malaysia Pavilion based on the proportion of 1:1. On the 1st floor, there are Malaysian exhibition hall, souvenirs sales hall and 6D cinema, and ocean museum on the 2nd floor is chosen as "national maritime sense education base" which adopts high-tech projection, somatosensory interaction and other advanced technologies for scientific periodicals of ocean knowledge and revealing marine amorous feelings.
For Joy sea beach scenic spot, system upgrading and reconstruction for coastal landscape commence from Oct. 2016. Upgraded and reconstructed Joy sea beach scenic spot is with green area reaching to 0.1 million square meters, and various greenery landscapes act according to circumstances and are changeable, fully embodying the landscape design concept of "nature and culture blending into one harmonious whole and every tree and bush become landscape". Newly built resort area art performance square covers an area of 0.015 million square meters with stage facing the sea which can meet the demand of large and super-huge type art performance activities. Two cantilever platforms of the square extend to the sea from the beach, and visitors can watch Joy sea at short range, shortening the distance between visitors and the sea. The cabin newly built along the sea is an ecological toilet built as per 5A scenic spot, which can meet demands from different crowds. Ecological parking lot newly built is with shade of a tree and full of vigor, which can meet parking demand of different vehicle types and the transportation facilities are improved day by day. New landscape and acme enjoy! Upgraded Joy sea beach will certainly bring different playing experience to you.
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