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Weifang Binhai Tourism Development Co., Ltd established in 2013.06.07, develop to Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd in 2013.12.17, which is the first state owned company in Binhai District. The Group is strictly established, operated and developed by the modern enterprise management system. At present, the Group registered capital of RMB 700 million, total asset is RMB 26 Billion, the credit ratting is AA. 
Based on the rich marine resources and sea recreation projects, Binhai Tourism Group performs the comprehensive development over many projects in the new area of Binhai, such as marine resources, tourism industry, fishery and salt culture etc. Being established in the tourism industry and going with multi-industries, the Group makes every effort to create the modern tourism industry based on the blue sea, in order to become the leader in the development of sea tourism industry and marine resources.
The Group owns 23 subsidiaries: Weifang Binhai New Dudai Tourism Resort Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai Urban Art Center Co., Ltd.,Weifang Joy Sea Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd., Weifang Joy Sea Beach Management Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai Joy Sea Warehousing Co., Ltd.,Weifang Joy Sea Trade Co., Ltd., Weifang Blue Fantasy Cultural Entertainment Co., Ltd., Weifang Blue Fantasy Recreational Fishery Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhoutian International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai Tourism and Construction Development Co., Ltd., Shandong Weilai Island Investment Co., Ltd., Tianjin Weilai Island Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd., Shandong Future City Salt Expo Garden Management CO., Ltd., Weifang Bohai Aquaculture Integration development Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai Blue Marine Industry Develpoment Co.,Ltd., Shandong Fuwah Investment Co., Ltd., Weifang Baorui Furah Park Management  Co., Ltd., Shandong Furah Tourism and Entertainment  Co., Ltd., Weifang Joy Sea Green Vegetable Base Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai Conference Reception Centre Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai North Sea Fishing Village Hotel Management Co., Ltd.,and Weifang haizhiling culture communication  Co., Ltd., Shandong Weilai Island Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd.
The Group is planning to construct a top international yacht harbor,Joy Sea Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, potential rich marine resource, north sea fishing village, High end Wenchang lake business street and Binhai tourism project etc..It positively uses the financial platform to accelerate the tourism development and to create a soft environment suitable for tourism, residence and industry.
In the principle of the integration of “ecology, life, vitality”, our company carries out the development strategy of the integration of “river, lake, sea, island”, combines coast, sea area and island, and establishes the high-standard coastline for leisure, tourism and recreation.By deeply developing tourism vacation, water sports, tourism yacht, leisure fishing, seafood cuisine, business conference, tourism estate and ancient site of salt industry etc, make the new economic model that supported by real economy, based on professional talent team and directed by the advanced management system. It will deeply drive the blue marine industry chain development and quickly gather marine culture industry function. Our company adopts the business model of holiday resort, tourist real estate, tourist hotel and travel agency, and develops into a tourism enterprise group that promotes regional economic development and enjoys a high reputation in Shandong and China.
Supported greatly by every industry of the society, based on the enterprise spirit of being realistic, innovative and forging ahead, Binhai Tourism Group is committed to the deep development of blue sea industry, takes every effort to build the green circular economy combined with the blue sea industry, and makes a greater contribution to promote the development of marine resources, to protect the marine ecosystem and to boost the prosperity of marine tourism industry.