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Weifang Dubai International Hotel Management Co., Ltd.


I. Basic Information of the Hotel 
Weifang Binhai Conference Reception Center is located in the east of Pioneer Building of Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is a wholly-owned company of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group. The hotel is invested and constructed according to international five-star standard, with a total building area of 15,000 square meters, and it is committed to building a high-end star hotel integrating guest rooms, catering, meetings and leisure. 
The interior decoration of the hotel that is designed by a well-known design company in Hong Kong is modern, fashionable, simple and generous. With the ocean culture as the main line, it integrates kite culture, surfing culture and traditional culture skillfully, and uses modern decoration techniques to create it elaborately. 
The hotel lobby is elegant and simple. With the blue ocean culture as the background, it combines the blue water rhyme and warm environment of the hotel skillfully with the modern technology, and creates a new dynamic and warm space. 
The hotel vestibule is equipped with large fishponds, aquariums and the water droplet ceiling lamp under the circular skylight, which seems like "water from the milky way pours down", and could reduce the fatigue of you. 
Hotel address: No. 1, Yuanqian Road, Binhai economic and technological development zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province. 
Postal code: 261108 
Central exchange tel.: 86-536-5605888 
Fax No. of commercial center: 86-536-5605999 
II. Services and Facilities 
The main building of the hotel has 6 floors above ground and 3 floors in part, with the building area of 15,000 square meters. It is equipped with receptionist, lobby bar, langqiao coffee, business center, multifunctional conference room, business presence chamber, VIP reception room, Calligraphy room, chess and cards room, tea room, treasure hall, boutique store, hair room and other supporting facilities, which can provide the light-hearted leisure environment and high-standard and  diversified service for customers coming here. 
The hotel is equipped with 15 large, medium and small conference rooms, including 4 high-end and small conference rooms, which can accommodate about 10 people, 2 high-end and medium-sized conference rooms, which can accommodate about 20 people, 3 high-end large conference rooms, which can accommodate about 30-60 people. All conference rooms are equipped with the most advanced conference audio, video and control equipment. The press conference hall with advanced equipment could accommodate 300 people, and the elegant and grand multi-functional hall could accommodate about 360 people, which could satisfy different demands, such as conference, colloquium, artistic performance and teaching. In accordance with customer's special need, it could provide appropriate arrangement and professional service to meet customer's need, and it is the preferred place for various business banquets, wine parties, wedding feasts, birthday parties, grand banquets, artistic performance and all kinds of conferences. 
The hotel includes the scattered guest hall, banquet hall, Luxury private hall, cafeteria and so on, and it could accommodate 500 people to have dinner together. It provides classic Shandong cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, and characteristic Sichuan an Hunan cuisines, and offers 24-hour room service. The cafeteria in the first floor provides buffet breakfast, lunch and supper with Chinese and western styles. The blue imagination hall in the second floor could receive the grand banquet with about 100 people. Luxury private hall could meet various scales of banquet requirements of the customers. 
The guest room area has 156 rooms (suite), including the executive suite, luxury suite, business double bed room and so on. The guest room adopts the full computer control and covers the high-speed broadband network. The design of the guest rooms adopts Post-modern methods and is compatible with some flashing elements, with the elegant style. The guest room has the well-equipped facilities and it is wide and comfortable. The furniture and decoration are elegant and fashionable. With the modern and convenient facilities and considerate service, the hotel creates an elegant and cozy home for you.